Maria Celine Joyce S. Tanglao. Fifteen years old. Current studying at Dee Hwa Liong College Foundation. Graduating Student. Property of Aroll Alfonso Mejia. Birthday: SPTMBR 18♥. Im addicted to music. I love cookie monster. I really love breaking rules That's why others don't want me to be their friend. I'm a happy and friendly person. I don't sleep early. I make mistake. I'M NOT PERFECT. Im happy in my life now because god gave him to me. feel free to ask. :)

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Okay! Com Ed time. <3

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Exhausted ._.

Araw araw nlng pagod. Alam mo yun?! :( So excited ths saturday na. I really miss my baby much! Uggh. Takcare peops. Good-evening.♥

Sweet naman.♥ Pero mas sweet asawa ko. HAHAHAH >:)

  • Girl: forget you
  • Boy: forget you too
  • Girl: i hate you, you never loved me
  • Boy: I NEVER LOVED YOU?! Tell me why I go the extra distance. Tell me why I take a 3 hour bus to see you at 5AM in the morning. Tell me why I come and visit you at least once a month. I'm only 15. I can't drive, but I take the effort to come see you, even when it's in the pouring rain. Tell me why whenever you hang up, I'm always the one that calls you back until you pick up? Tell me why I always text you, just so you can reply back, so I know that you're okay. Tell me why I care for you so much? Tell me why I changed for you? I quit smoking, I quit rolling, I quit my gang bang crap, and all my bad ways just to be with you. You never asked me to, but I did. You know why? Cause I'd do anything to be with you.
Cutenessssss :&#8221;&gt; Gawa niya to e. Hihi.

Cutenessssss :”> Gawa niya to e. Hihi.


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